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How to Install a Common Water Meter

1. The diameter of the water meter should be determined according to the diameter of the installed pipeline. The installation location should avoid exposure to sunlight, flooding, freezing and pollution, so as to facilitate disassembly and assembly and card swiping.
2. The water meter should be installed horizontally (display side up).
3. Before the new installation, the sand, gravel, hemp and other debris in the pipeline should be removed to avoid water meter failure.
4. The direction of the arrow shown on the water meter should be consistent with the direction of the water flow in the pipeline.
5. If the water meter is installed at the water inlet end of the boiler, it is necessary to prevent the backflow of hot water and steam from the boiler and damage the internal parts of the water meter. It is best to install a check valve at the water outlet of the water meter.
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