Smart metering management system in the IOT era

The internetwork realized on the basis of narrowband internet of things of honeycomb focuses on the IOT market with low power consumption and broad coverage, adopts different deployment ways, and is able to realize coexistence with the existing networks. With the development of smart city, big data and cloud computing, Younio IOT water meter which is based on NB-IOT technology realizes online management, automatic statistical analysis, one-stop service and other functions, and break the the limitations and hysteresis of traditional mechanical water meters, besides the Internet of things technology will be extended to the production and operation of the whole company, and then to the regional center and even the whole group company, with informatization and standardization as the cornerstone of system construction and intelligent IOT.

Younio intelligent water affairs system which is based on Nb IOT Technology centers on the integrated management information platform of urban water supply.Moreover,computer-aided intelligent decision-making system is established by combining with mathematical simulation model, covering integraded design of whole value chain about water supply and distribution, water use of customers, sewage treatment ,pipe network water pressure test and water health monitoring. With office automation, data integration, process integeration and decision-making scientification, realtime water management, service and decision-making are carried out to realize the fine ,dynamic and intelligent management of younio intelligent water affairs.

The application software is uniformly deployed in alicloud, and alicloud professional database server is adopted to ensure the good performance and data security of the whole system.

The equipment adopts the Internet of things architecture and supports wired and wireless access modes. It can be connected to wired remote meter, Lora wireless meter, NB-IoT wireless meter or various hydrological telemetry equipment, such as pressure gauge, flowmeter, water quality monitor, etc.

1. Smart water platform

2. Smart water system solution

Electronic modules can be designed according to the needs of solutions, can be equipped with different meters

Platform functions

Automatic statistics of meter reading success rate

Analysis of remote meter reading

Real time monitoring of meter reading equipment

Analysis of abnormal meter reading

Monitoring of suspected leaking water meter

Mobile operation and maintenance app

3. Smart monitoring solution

Combined with network and equipment to manage leakage monitoring, water pressure management, flow analysis, saving management, water quality analysis, etc.

Use cloud platform and Internet of things technology to collect data, understand detailed data, and improve operational efficiency.

Automatic statistics, analysis of data, in order to facilitate the management and maintenance of products.

Real time monitoring of big size water meter

Fine management of big size water meters is an important means for water supply enterprises to improve efficiency

Easy access to big size meters of various famous brands

Provide GIS display function of big size water meter, convenient to view the distribution range of big size water meter

Provide multi-dimensional traffic analysis for big size water meter

Analysis on reasonable allocation of big size water meter.

DMA partition metering management can effectively reduce leakage

The biggest pain point of water supply industry is the difference between production and marketing

The principle is to divide the water supply network into several zones, and install water meters for each zone to measure the water consumption of the zone. The difference between the measured water quantity and the meter reading measurement of users in the zone is the difference between the supply and marketing of the community. When there is no user using water at night, the measurement of water meters in the zone is considered as the leakage water in the zone.

Uninterrupted night flow monitoring

The principle is to monitor the night flow of each residential area regularly and continuously, and observe the change of the flow. If the night flow exceeds each range, the leakage point will be investigated, monitored, analyzed and located.

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