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Different types of water meters

1. According to measurement principle,water meters are divided into velocity type water meters and volume type water meters.Velocity type water meter, which is installed in a closed pipe, composed of a moving element. And the water flow speed directly makes it obtain the power speed. Volumetric water meter, which is installed in the pipeline, it consists of a fluid-driven mechanism and some chambers of known volume which are successively filled and discharged with fluid.
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2. According to nominal diameter, water meters are usually divided into small-diameter water meters and large-diameter water meters. A water meter with a nominal diameter of 50mm and below is usually called a small-diameter water meter, and a water meter with a nominal diameter of more than 50mm is called a large-diameter water meter. These two types of water meters are sometimes called civil water meters and industrial water meters respectively. 

3.According to installation direction,velocity water meters can be divided into horizontal installation water meters and vertical installation water meters, which refers to the water meters whose flow direction is parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane during installation. On the dial of the water meter, "H" is used to represent horizontal installation, and "V" is used to represent vertical installation. Volumetric water meters can be installed in any position without affecting the accuracy.

4.According to the temperature of the medium, it can be divided into cold water meter and hot water meter, and the water temperature is 30℃.
(1) Cold water water meter: The water meter with the lower limit temperature of the medium at 0°C and the upper limit temperature at 30°C.
(2) Hot water water meter: a water meter with a medium lower limit temperature of 30°C and an upper limit of 90°C or 130°C or 180°C.

The requirements of each country are slightly different, and the upper limit of the cold water meter in some countries can reach 50 degrees Celsius.

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