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​The function of water meter check valve


Water is definitely indispensable in daily life. Whether it is a community or a unit, a water meter is an indispensable measuring tool. Many people know that a check valve should be installed on the water meter, but they are not very clear about the function and installation method of the check valve. , below we will introduce you to the knowledge related to check valves.

What is the function of check valve?

1. The check valve only allows water in the water pipe to flow in one direction, and can effectively prevent water from flowing in the opposite direction. Under the action of fluid pressure in the same direction, the valve disc will open. If the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the valve disc will automatically overlap to cut off the flow of water.

2. The water meter is equipped with a check valve, which can prevent water from flowing back, thereby preventing the water meter from rotating and ensuring the accuracy of measurement. When the pressure inside the water pipe increases and the water is compressed, the water meter will rotate forward. When the pressure drops, the check valve closes and the water meter will not rotate. Therefore, when the pressure rises again, as long as the pressure does not exceed the check valve pressure, The water meter will not rotate.