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​What are the reasons for inaccurate water meter measurement?


There are many reasons for inaccurate measurement. Here are three reasons:

1. Improper installation and use, debris in the pipes clogging the filter, etc., causing scaling of the movement and increasing the indication error:

2. If the water meter is used beyond the specified period, the aging of the movement will cause the deviation to increase, resulting in inaccurate readings;

3. Some users of new water meters always use the old water meter with a small meter as a standard to measure the new water meter with a very small meter, thinking that the meter is too fast, the reading value is inaccurate, etc.

No matter what, if you think the water meter is inaccurate, you can go to the water supply management office in your district for mediation, you can also send the water meter to the water meter testing center for testing, or you can consult and complain to the provincial quality and technical supervision department.

The number of rust inside the water meter is unclear

1. From the appearance of the table. Inferior water meters generally have uneven paint surfaces and no anti-corrosion layer. The inside of the watch is very rough, the movement is made of recycled harmful plastic, and the copper cover is thin and narrow.

2. Watch glass. The fake water meter glass is ordinary glass, while the glass that meets the standards should be tempered glass.

Rust and scale inside the meter are caused by many reasons such as pipe rust, and they often appear in water meters that have been used for an extended period of time (the service life of water meters is 6 years). In this regard, it is recommended to replace the water meter or re-clean and test the old water meter. At present, the electrostatic spraying process adopted for the watch case has the advantages of strong adhesion, strong corrosion resistance, and smooth paint surface. It effectively solves the problem of rust inside the watch and extends the service life of the water meter. In addition, the readings are clearer and Intuitive digital representation of the disk will solve the problem of unclear counting.