Domestic Ultrasonic Water Meter
  • Domestic Ultrasonic Water MeterDomestic Ultrasonic Water Meter

Domestic Ultrasonic Water Meter

You can rest assured to buy Domestic ultrasonic water meter from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.

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Product Description

1. Functions and features of the Domestic ultrasonic water meter

1. Develop by Ultrasonic measurement based on Transmission speed difference method

2. Set measurement, calculation, display in one

3. It adopts low power consumption, high precision special chip and high quality simulator

4. High precision, good stability and strong anti-interference ability

5. communication mode:NB-IOT/4G

6. High protection class: IP68

7. Real time data save

8. automatic reporting data at regular time.

9. It has strong adaptability to pipe, non-contact fluid and small pressure loss.

10. Battery life up to 6 years

11. It can realize the accurate measurement of the minimum flow rate of 0.01m³/h

12. Ultrasonic flow measurement technology is adopted to realize multi angle installation

13. It will not pollute the water quality

2. Technical parameters of the Domestic ultrasonic water meter

1. Technical parameters of water meter
Model No. LXCG-15L1 LXCG-20L1 LXCG-25L1 LXCG-32L1 LXCG-40L1
Nominal Diameter (DN) 15 20 25 32 40
Q3/Q1 R250
(Q4)[m3/h] 3.125 5 7.875 12.5 20
(Q3)[m3/h] 2.5 4 6.3 10 16
(Q2)[m3/h] 0.01 0.016 0.025 0.04 0.064
(Q1)[m3/h] 0.006 0.01 0.016 0.025 0.04
Accuracy Class 2
Maximum permissible error for the lower flowrate zone ±5%
Maximum permissible error for the upper flowrate zone ±2% for water having a temperature ≤30℃
±3% for water having a temperature >30℃
Temperature Class T30/T50/T70
Water pressure class MAP 16
Pressure loss class △p40 △p63
Indicating range
Resolution of the indicating device
Flow profile sensitivity classes U10 D5
Length (mm) 165 195 225 180 200
Height (mm) 95 100 115 115 125
Width(mm) 94 94 94 94 94
Connection type (Thread) G 3/4 B G 1 B G 1 1/4 B G 1 1/2 B G 2 B
Weight(kg) 0.68 0.85 1.0 1.1 1.6
Error curve:

2. Module technical parameters
序号 名称 参数 备注
最小 典型 最大 单位
1 工作频率 900~1800MHZ
2 功耗 / / 0.2 mW  
静态功耗 / / 15 uA  
发射电流 / / 350 mA  
接收电流 / / 14 mA  
3 接收灵敏度 / -129 / dBm  
4 数据上传内容 消息类型、模块编号、RSRP(信号强度)、SINR(信噪比)、ECL(覆盖等级)、CellID(小区ID)、表具状态、累积水量 表具状态包含:传感器状态(模块撤卸报警、磁干扰报警、传感器错误报警)、逆流报警、电池欠压报警等
5 数据传输频率 1 1 8 次/天 可设置
6 设置方式 红外发射接收工具+安卓手机APP  
7 模块电压范围 2.1 / 3.6 V  
8 供电 3.6V锂电池,6000mAh  
9 电池使用时间 6 7 10  
10 工作温度 5 / 55 ≤100%RH
11 存储温度 -25 / 55  
12 防水等级 IP68(1米水深,浸泡24小时)
13 环境等级 B类
14 电磁环境等级 E1(住宅、商业和轻工业)
15 按键 磁感应键
16 显示器 液晶9位数字+提示符
17 显示内容 瞬时流量(m³/h)、累积流量(m³)、屏幕检测、表地址、累计作时间(h)、日期(年/月/日)、口径、软件版本
18 显示范围 累积流量:0m³~+99999.9999m³
19 数据通讯 光电接口 波特率2400bps,采用基于CJ/T 188自定义协议
无线通讯 NB-IoT,传输距离≧3000m,
采用基于CJ/T 188自定义协议
20 脉冲输出 检定模式下,脉冲输出
21 仪表安装位置 供水管路
22 尺寸(mm) 92x65x65
23 重量(g) 200


Q. Are you the factory?

A. Yes. We are factory. WENLING YOUNIO WATER METER was established in 1983, specializes in producing all kinds of water meters and spare parts. Welcome to visit to our factory anytime.

Q. What kind of certification do you have ?

A. ISO4064, CE certificate, MID certificate, NSF certificate, ROHS certificate.

Q.How to request a quotation from YOUNNIO?

A. Simply call or send us E-mail with your purchase request. If detail requirements (like the type, size, weight ,package and so on) can be shared will be better for quick quotation.

Q.What are your quality control procedures?

A.YOUNIO strictly get the control of quality, which begin with material purchase and carry through to the end of the production process by ISO9001 management system.Before shipping, welcome the examination of goods.

Q. Do you offer OEM service.

A. Yes. We have a professional D&D team to follow requires proof of trademark registration in order to print or emboss your trademark onto the product or packaging.

Q. Do YOUNIO products come with a warranty ?

A. Yes. We backs our products 100% generous 2 year warranty.

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